Asher is a recurring character in Season 2 and Season 3 of School of Rock. He attends William B. Travis Prep School.

He is portrayed by Will Kindrachuk.


Season 2

Asher is first seen in the Student Council meeting as he tries to stay the meeting before going to the restroom, and he is later seen at the dance after School of Rock was chosen as the musical act over DJ Igneous (Brilliant Disguise). He is then seen buying a cupcake from Tomika in her campaign to save the koala bear, but is then interrupted by Summer and ignored by both girls (I Put a Spell on You). He is seen as the secretary for the school's student council and commonly has to use the boys' bathroom (something Summer later uses as a way to leave Freddy and Kale behind in Total Eclipse of the Heart). He seems to know about Zack's ways to make money as he tries one of Zack's spicy sandwiches and has to pay for milk and has worked for Zack Kwan a few times in Season 2. After the events of Total Eclipse of the Heart, he may have feelings for Summer and may be caught in a love triangle of him, Summer, and Freddy.

Season 3

Asher's debut is in Do You Want to Know a Secret? as he talks to other students about School of Rock before he and Kale sing Future Starts Right Now together and discuss the band further, knowing a lot about them. He then talks with Tomika and she accidentally reveals she plays bass for the band. However, Lawrence knocks him out with a Jiu Jitsu technique so that when he woke up, he wouldn't remember what Tomika told him. He appears again in Heroes and Villains, enjoying the comic book that Tomika made and Freddy later edited to humiliate Tomika. Later on, Asher refused to name the owner of the comic book he had, thus letting Principal Mullins and Clark pressure him to reveal the owner and threaten him with mega detention for not complying. Tomika steps in and saves Asher from an unfair punishment by saying she owned the comic book when it was Freddy who owned it. In Love is a Battlefield, he and Freddy compete for the role of Romeo in the school play of Romeo and Juliet before it changes to being about the Battle of the Alamo. Asher earns the role of James Bowie, known for his prowess as a general and being the namesake of the Bowie knife, but is unhappy when his line is simply coughing. Later on, he tries to convince Tomika to give him and Summer more scenes together while also wanting more speaking lines before his requests are shot down. He sticks with his role as the sick James Bowie in the play before engaging in the guacamole fight. In Surprise, Surprise, he and Summer had prior plans to study together, but since she finished early, she gave him her notebook to copy notes from. He finds a note (the love note Freddy slipped into Summer's notebook) within the pages and gets excited over Summer liking him back, telling Zack about it and hugging him. Later on, Asher tries to show Summer that he got the note through expressing his feelings coolly with giving her nicknames, telling her about the note, and booping her nose, but she doesn't understand what he is doing. In response, Asher goes to Mr. Finn for advice and is told to woo Summer in order to get her to express his feelings. Asher first tries to tell Summer how he feels with a bouquet of flowers and a necklace before Tomika tackles him and stops him by making them "official". Asher tries again a second time with new gifts, balloons and a box of chocolate, when Tomika slows him down by grabbing his leg. Freddy goes to them and as Asher tells them about the note, Freddy reveals that he wrote the note. Asher doesn't reciprocate, but when he finds out the note was for Summer, he is upset that she does not feel the same way about him. Asher tries to pass the gifts onto Tomika, who only takes the chocolate, before giving away the balloons and walking away with his head hanging down.


Although Asher hasn't been around for that long, that doesn't take away his importance. As secretary of the student council and a journalist with the school newspaper, he shows himself as intelligent, dutiful, and involved with the student body. Outside of his school roles, Asher displays charity with having a cupcake to support Tomika's bake sale to save the koala, helpfulness with Zack's business on Lawrence, chivalry with giving Summer, someone he had feelings for, his jacket when she was cold, and loyalty with not naming Freddy as the comic book owner when the school banned them. With these assets, Asher has more than enough to prove himself as a good person and friend.


Summer Hathaway

Former Crush/Good Friend

Main Article: Summer and Asher

Before Total Eclipse of the Heart, Summer and Asher were friends and worked together on the William B. Travis Prep School Student Council (Summer being the president and Asher being the secretary). After the episode, there could be a chance that Summer and Asher have feelings for each other. In Love is a Battlefield, Asher asks for more scenes of him and Summer, making his feelings official and starting the love triangle involving him, Freddy, and Summer. In Surprise, Surprise, Asher believes Summer wrote him a love note and tries to tell her how he feels, but he later finds out that Freddy wrote the note for Summer. As a result, Asher is upset that Summer does not like him and mentions how he is very confused.

Zack Kwan


Zack enlists Asher any time he has a business set up, and it is seen clearly in Takin' Care of Business where Asher is a security guard under Zack's employment. In Surprise, Surprise, Asher excitedly tells Zack about the love note he got from Summer and hugs him.



In Season 2, Asher and Tomika are first seen interacting in I Put a Spell on You, with Asher helping Tomika's bake sale by having a red velvet cupcake. In Season 3, Asher has interacted with Tomika the most. In Do You Want to Know a Secret?, Tomika accidentally reveals she plays bass guitar for School of Rock to Asher, but is saved when Lawrence knocks him out with a Jiu Jitsu move. In Heroes and Villains, Tomika takes the fall for the comic book being present after the ban was imposed. This gives her mega detention instead of Asher, who refused to name names as Principal Mullins and Clark pressured him to reveal the name of the comic book owner. This action allowed Tomika to be deemed a hero, saving Asher from an unfair punishment. In Love is a Battlefield, Asher asks Tomika for more scenes with Summer and more speaking lines as his grandparents were flying in to see him perform. Tomika rejects both of his requests. In Surprise, Surprise, Tomika tries to stop Asher from confessing to Summer twice, with claiming his gifts and making them "an item" in order to stop him. When Asher finds out that Summer does not like him back, he tries to give the gifts to Tomika, who only takes the chocolate.


Season 2

Season Appearances: 6/13

Season 3

Season Appearances: 4/20

Overall Appearances: 10/45


  • He is known to go to the bathroom quite a few times in Season 2.
  • He also seems to have an affinity for food, as seen with having a red velvet cupcake, eating one of Zack's spicy sandwiches at the dance, and enjoying a breadstick on a stick from Justin.
  • He has feelings for Summer. This was first shown in Total Eclipse of the Heart.
    • In Love is a Battlefield, he asks for scenes of him and Summer alone together, which shows his feelings for her and starts the love triangle of him, Freddy, and Summer.
  • He is the secretary for the school's student council (Brilliant Disguise) and is on the William B. Travis Prep School Student Newspaper as an on-field reporter (Takin' Care of Business).
    • In Takin' Care of Business, he was a security guard for Zack, but quit when the business fell apart.
  • He is a big fan of School of Rock and knows a lot about them outside of their identity by reading the band's blog.
  • Along with Clark, Kale, and Esmeralda, he is a character only seen in the television spinoff. The character of Asher was not seen in the original 2003 movie.
  • He is genuinely frightened by Clark, unlike the band, who openly dislike Clark.
  • He appears the least number of times as a recurring character due to only appearing in ten episodes overall. He was in six episodes in Season 2 and four episodes in Season 3.


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