Getting nervous around a girl? Is that a thing?
—Freddy to Tomika about Lawrence's crush
The thing about garbage quilts is it's really hard to tell when you're done.
—Freddy to Summer (about Kale's idea of saving nature)

Freddy Huerta is a main character in School of Rock. He is the drummer of the band, School of Rock and is a student at William B. Travis Prep School.

Freddy is currently being portrayed by Ricardo Hurtado.


The new kid who brings a fresh rebellious perspective to William B. Travis Prep School. He is an effortlessly "cool" kid who recognizes the opportunity in building the band with Dewey, and challenges the class to take risks in the name of having fun. He loves skateboarding and is often seen skateboarding down the halls. Freddy is always down for taking risks in the name of fun. School is his playground and his carefree attitude keeps the class cool when things get crazy. A talented drummer and daredevil, he’d choose skateboard stunts over studying any day.


Freddy is always down for taking risks in the name of fun. School is his playground and his carefree attitude keeps the class cool when things get crazy. A talented drummer and daredevil, he’d choose skateboard stunts over studying any day.


Summer Hathaway

Crush/Close Friend

Main Article: Freddy and Summer

In Come Together, it is shown that Summer has a major crush on Freddy when she tells Tomika that she was impressed with his skateboarding skills. Throughout the series, Summer has dropped major hints to the others (mainly towards Freddy) around her that she likes him, from setting up situations where he would work and be with her to saying so out loud (We're Not Gonna Take It). This continues until the Season 2 episode Total Eclipse of the Heart, where Freddy and Kale break up. He finds out that they don't have much in common and begins to realize he really likes Summer after talking with her before breaking up with Kale. At this point, Summer has gotten over him and was over him when they talked. Freddy goes back to the roof to tell Summer he really likes her, but finds that Summer is on the roof with Asher and he witnesses Asher give Summer his jacket to warm her up. As a result, Freddy leaves the roof heartbroken and jealous, and this builds a love triangle between Freddy, Summer, and Asher for Season 3. In Hold on Loosely, Freddy was surprised and impressed on how good Summer was playing the drums and and he was smiling at her. When Freddy was about to leave, he told Summer that he had a few things to say to her. It is implied here that he was gonna confess his feelings for her. He hesitates for a while when he says that "You're a really amazing" to Summer and she smiles at him, implying that he was going to tell her that he likes her. However, he hesitates and says that she's an amazing drummer. In The Other Side of Summer, when Summer panicks about having her first bad grade, Freddy tells Summer that she is more than a test, and everyone says she is a wonderful, smart, and beautiful girl who everybody wants to date. Revealing that he would want to date Summer. When everybody looks at him, he hides how he wants to date Summer by saying that at least that's what everybody says. When Summer keeps panicking he gets very concerned. When Summer to being bad changes Freddy is shocked and worried. Summer calls him stud and Freddy says he likes the new Summer.

Zack Kwan

Best Friend
Freddy and Zack (1)

Main Article: Freddy and Zack

Zack and Freddy are best friends and partners in crime. They have each other's back when the going gets rough. Sometimes their desires overpower their friendship, but they realize that there's more fun when they're together than when they're apart.


Good Friend/Ex-Girlfriend

Main Article: Freddy and Kale

Kale is a girl with whom Freddy shared his locker with in Wouldn't It Be Nice?.The two have been talking since then and they went to the school dance together in Brilliant Disguise, which made Summer jealous. Soon after, they were shown to be in a relationship before breaking up in the episode Total Eclipse of the Heart.


  • He is known for his good hair and eyes "that one can get lost in". (Freddy Fights for His Right to Party)
  • Ricardo Hurtado claims that his character used to attend a public school before attending William B. Travis Prep School.
  • In the yearbook, he was voted "Best".
  • He is Hispanic, just like his actor.
  • He can sing well. This is seen in his performance of "Love Yourself" with the Aca-Fellas (Voices Carry).
  • In the movie, Freddy's last name was Jones. However, in the TV version, his last name is Huerta as stated by Principal Mullins when she sees his hair dyed green in the school hallway (We're Not Gonna Take It).
  • He claims he was born under a very bright star (With or Without You).
  • His family, namely his grandfather, runs the family hardware store in Miami, Florida.
    • In Hold on Loosely, the reason Freddy and his mother had to move was to take care of the store while his grandfather recovered from his health issues.
    • His role in the band are the drums.
  • His current living arrangement is going between Zack and Lawrence's houses as they have "shared custody" of him.
  • He has taken a liking to Lawrence's mother, Sharon, as they watch NASCAR and share hair care tips together.
  • His alarm to wake up is of his voice giving him a rundown of how long it'll take for him to get ready. It also tells him not to press the "Snooze" button.
  • He and his mother, Eva, have a Christmas tradition (Jingle Bell Rock).
    • This tradition begins with Freddy and Eva going to Snow-N-Go Sledding before going home to decorate the Christmas tree. On Christmas Day, Eva dresses as Santa Claus and wakes Freddy up to open presents.


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