Justin is a recurring character on School of Rock. He is the leader of a rival band of School of Rock, called Night Lizard - the band that have two Battle of the Bands trophies. They were defeated by School of Rock in their third attempt to win.


Justin is seemed as villainous and setback, doing whatever it takes for School of Rock to never compete at Battle of the Bands.


Zack Kwan

Zach was recruited by Night Lizard, when Zach quit School of Rock, due to him thinking he was not being treated fairly. Justin and Zach formed a relationship as Zach had joined the band. Then, Zach realizes he belongs in School of Rock. He permantly leaves the band and Justin then seeks revenge on the episode, Truckin'.


He seeks revenge in the seventh episode of Season 2, Truckin', by trying to kick Zack and the band out of business. He fails when people voted Zack's Mealshakes beats Justin's Food-on-a-stick. He is played by Kendall Schmidt.




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