That's rock n' roll!
—Lawrence to Mr. Finn

Lawrence Dooley is a main character in School of Rock He plays the keyboard in the band, School of Rock, and he is a student at William B. Travis Prep School.

Lawrence is currently being portrayed by Aidan Miner.


Aidan Miner (Nickelodeon Creative Lab's "Homeroom") as "Lawrence" the quirky, technologically-inclined, unabashedly confident keyboardist for the band. He may miss social cues and create messes for the band, but his heart is always in the right place as a team player who completely embraces rock n' roll.


Tech-savvy and a talented musician, Lawrence is a pro on the piano. Talking to girls? Not so much. He has a hard time playing it cool and sometimes creates more problems than he solves, but his heart is in the right place! Lawrence isn’t the smoothest kid in class, but if you need an awesome light show or a killer keyboardist, he’s your guy.

He is very clever in science and technology, and he can build a recording studio with scraps. However, he is very nervous when encountered stress, and sometimes speak out unnecessary things when nervous. He can be a bit dense at times, and sometimes is manipulated by Zack.



Main Article: Lawrence and Esme

Lawrence had a passionate crush on Esme and struggles to speak around her, causing him to sweat profusely. In (Really Really) Old Time Rock and Roll, Lawrence decides to act on his feelings. After two failed attempts with doves and a light show, Lawrence writes a song about how he feels and the two become official.

Zack Kwan

Main Article: Zack and Lawrence

Zack and Lawrence are best friends. Lawrence looks to Zack for fun activities while Zack looks to Lawrence for business inspiration. Because of this, Zack sometimes manipulates Lawrence into his business schemes, but they always work things out in the end.


We're School of Rock!
—Lawrence (A Band With No Name)


  • His surname is exclusive to the series as his 2003 film counterpart didn't have a known surname.
  • He named the band while they performed at Alison's birthday party (A Band With No Name).
  • He and Esme are the only canon couple so far.
  • He enjoys listening to Demi Lovato's music.
    • He is also breakfast buddies with Demi Lovato.
  • He owns two pets - a dog and a cat.
  • He runs the technology that allows School of Rock to record their music.
    • He also renovated the boiler room into a space of practice for the band.
  • He is interested in Dr. Timewarp and Wormhole of Justice, two popular sci-fi series in the show.
  • He is very smart and consecutively wins the school science fair.
  • He took 10 years of Jiu Jitsu, and is now a purple belt with 3 stripes.
  • Nancy Motskin hurt his wrist in the 3rd Grade, and in Do You Want to Know a Secret?, he mentions this when he hurts Mr. Finn's wrist.


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