I feel something's peering over me.
—Mullins to Dewey

Rosalie Mullins is the principal of William B. Travis Prep School. She was a recurring character in Season 1, but was promoted to a main character in the second season of School of Rock.

She is portrayed by Jama Williamson.


Principal Mullins is a strict nugget trying to understand herself as a principal. She has Dewey to help her but will she find out about the band?


Season 1

Season Appearances: 8/12

Season 2

Season Appearances: 10/13

Season 3

Season Apperances: 5/7

Overall Appearances: 23/31


Okay, children, quiet coyote. Mouth closed, ears open.
—Principal Mullins (Voices Carry)


  • She is different to the principal in the School of Rock movie.
  • In the TV series, she is shown to be very attractive and beautiful.
  • It is implied that she has feelings for Dewey Finn (Is She Really Going Out with Him?) after Zack and Lawrence wanted to find out if she had a crush on either of them.
  • She has one cat.
  • Despite being promoted to a main character in Season 2, she is still absent sometimes.
  • She spent her summers as a dog groomer in high school (Changes).
  • She dyes her hair to get rid of any gray hair someone could spot on her head (We're Not Gonna Take It).
  • She was a recurring character in the first season, and was promoted to a main character from the second season and has been ever since.


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