School of Rock (band) is a band in School of Rock. They consist of members such as, Dewey Finn, Tomika, Summer Hathaway, Freddy Huerta, Zack Kwan and Lawrence Dooley. In Do You Want to Know a Secret?, Kale is offered a job in the band as the main blogger to update fans on new music.



  • Are You Ready to Rock?
  • Let Me In
  • Our Time is Now
  • This Isn't Love
  • The Future Starts Right Now


Gallery To view the School of Rock (band) gallery, click here.
Transcript To view the School of Rock (band) transcript, click here.


  • Before coming up with the name School Of Rock they thought of other names, such as Paradoxx, Summer and the Timewarps and Smog Check, which caused them to split into two bands (A Band with No Name).

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