I'm sorry Sum. I love you, but I'm desperate.
—Tomika to Summer in Don't Stop Believin'

Summer and Tomika is a friendship pairing between Tomika and Summer Hathaway in School of Rock. They're portrayed by Jade Pettyjohn and Breanna Yde.

Ship Names

  • Tummer (Tomika/Summer)
  • Sumika (Summer/Tomika)
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The following is a set a moments in each episode in School of Rock. Please only add facts, and no false information or you could be blocked.

Season 1

  • Throughout Cover Me, Tomika is shown many times trying to help Summer get Freddy's attention.
  • Tomika wouldn't accept Lead Singer until Summer said it was okay.

Season 2

  • In the beginning of episode, I Put a Spell on You, tells Tomika that they should sing a duet for Future Superstar. However, Tomika says that they should sing solo because Summer isn't good at singing. Later, in the episode, Mr. Finn, hypnotizes Summer into a great singer. Summer sings in front of the whole class the song, Hide Away. If anyone says the word persimmon in front of Summer once she sings well, but if you say it twice she sounds like she normally does. After that, Tomika said they should sing a duet. However, Summer gets upset that when she asked Tomika to sing a duet before and she said no and now just because she sounds nice, Tomika wants to sing a duet. A few minutes later, Summer and Tomika take what each other gave to them out of their lockers. Then, Summer finds the Golden Mic that they made together and they trash it. A few hours later, both of them go with Mr. Finn to the Future Superstars auditions and still don't talk to each other. Later, Mr. Finn, sees another set of friends (who look like Tomika and Summer), dancing because they got through the Future Superstars auditions together. Then, Mr. Finn tells Summer and Tomika, "look at those two friends happy and jumping around. I know you guys don't want to talk to each other." Then, Mr. Finn took the Golden Mic (that Summer and Tomika threw out) out of his backpack. Tomika and Summer apologise to each other and become friends once again.

Season 3


Shut Up and Dance

  • They sing together.

Lips are Movin'

  • They smile at each other a lot.

Similarities and Differences


  • They both attend William B. Travis Prep School.
  • They both attend School of Rock.
  • They both love music.
  • They are best friends.
  • They are both girls.
  • They both love the same singing competition show.
  • They both love to sing. (I Put a Spell on You)
  • Both have a cousin.
  • Both use nail polish.
  • Both have the same cellphone case. (Minimum Wage)
  • They have a friendship necklace.
  • Both have stuffed animals.
  • Both love the happy dance.


  • Summer is the band manager and plays the tambourine; Tomika sings and plays the bass.
  • Summer has blonde hair; Tomika has brown.
  • Summer has light skin; Tomika has tan skin.
  • Summer is more of a girly girl; Tomika is more of a tomboy.
  • Tomika can skateboard; Summer cannot.
  • Summer likes astronomy; Tomika does not.
  • Summer used to have a crush on Freddy; Tomika never did.
  • Summer is tone deaf; Tomika is not.
  • Summer was hypnotized to sing well (I Put a Spell on You); Tomika was never hypnotized.
  • Tomika used to do gymnastics, Summer didn't.
  • Tomika have brothers, Summer is an only child.
  • Tomika used to be scare of dogs, Summer didn't
  • Tomika couldn't sleep outside her house, Summer always can


Summer: "Can't you say he's cute like a normal person?"

Tomika: "'He's cute!' Are you happy?"


  • Summer has a framed picture of her and Tomika in her room.
  • Their actresses who play Summer and Tomika, Jade Pettyjohn and Breanna Yde, are best friends in real life.
  • They met at the Bus Stop in 1st grade.
  • The day they decided be best friends forever, they were stuck with gum and have lice.


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