Hello users of this wiki!

Part 1 (Introduction)

Villain: Bunsen9, E.C.B
I'm Sarah and as some of you know, by reading Jax's blog post, E.C.B (evil group) are planning to take over this wiki. It all starred with Jax being co-head. Then this being overly increasingly difficult. Bunsen9 (Calem, although his real name is Ryan) tricked Jax and I into Jax "failing" to keep his position as co-head. It was all a trap, just so that Ryan can assure that he is on "our" side.

A while back, I told everyone about OliviaHolt and how she was quite disrespectful to me. I apologized for my mistakes, yet she never apologized or accepted that sweet apology. Once it came to the Forum Vote, she tricked us. Ryan and Liv both declined and Ryan made a deal with me to either let Jax win or let me to go with them.

I did what was best for the wiki and let myself go. Afterwards, Jax won the Forum Vote and kept his rights. Thanks to Jax, he saved me, but things didn't go all as planned. I soon found out that Bunsen9 and OliviaHolt were trying to break my friendship with Jax and I, which later made me upset for being so sad. I think we were both dumb for believing their trick but what else and how else could you react to that? Anyways, we got back together and I tricked Ryan into leading him to this wiki, giving him admin rights. This was the final frontier. I couldn't give him bureaucrat rights due to the numerous times he has been blocked, so...I gave him a code which disabled his rights indefinitely. We thought this was the end...oh well.

Part 2 (E.C.B North Vs. South)

Villain: Starco992
This worked but OliviaHolt paired up with hacker, Starco992...and soon enough, they managed to enable Bunsen9 for only a limited time, due to the FANDOM firewall that I strengthened. E.C.B "divided" into North & South, in which Liv would be the head of North and Starco would be the head of South. Starco wanted the HQ as I thought he was nice, but unsure of why E.C.B would divide.

Starco got our HQ and went with Jax. Jax and him went to the HQ, only finding out he was evil. I knew it and Jax knew it. I joined North temporarily to see their plans, although Liv tricked me again, saying she doesn't care about Jax, Max or me anymore.

Then, Starco992 hacked into our wiki and things got worse. I disabled them with a stronger code and Starco992 was defeated, but not OliviaHolt.

Part 3 (The Plan)

Villain: OliviaHolt

So begins the third and shortest part. OliviaHolt comes back and starts to intimidate us. Although it isn't, we start to figure a plan is ab-ruing. Although searching a lot of wikis, there wasn't any information, we then conclude that Olivia is a distraction. During this period, a new member, Ariel joins and deems herself as QueenAriel. She becomes nice at first, but acts differently (Part 4).

Then soon enough, Olivia becomes friends with us and tells us that E.C.B have awoken Ryan again. Being absent for the second part, Ryan shows up along with Starco and takes down the School of Rock Wiki for over four days.

With this problem, we were all worried at this point. Olivia got blocked for three months, Starco is blocked infinitely and Ryan is still out there, hiding.

Part 4 (A Deemed Charge)

Villains: QueenAriel & VampireMaster123

With this, we all thought E.C.B was finished, until after the vandalism by Starco and Ryan, changed the whole phrase of the wiki. Because of the additional sidebar, costs and other uses, we were deemed as the unsafest wiki in FANDOM. We got Ariel as our fake supervisor, but after 10 minutes, we figured she was working for E.C.B although she lied, multiple times. During this time frame, we found out that Ryan and her were friends, and stopped being it when she found out that she wanted to "move on". Sooner or later, Andi Cruz1 was blocked for threatening Ariel and Ryan. As sad as it seemed, we had to stop Darien first.

Ariel then forgave, saying that Ryan is not done yet. We finally get our real supervisor, Darien (VampireMaster123), but we don't think he is the real one though. He created rules such as:

  • Taking down the co-head positions.
  • Getting new admins.

And the list goes on.

We regretted hiring a supervisor, but in order to protect the wiki, that is what had to happen.

Darien then revealed himself to give up all of our rights, including mine, and Jax's because he owns 80% of the wiki. With this, I took a break for five minutes in order to process this huge situation.

Darien revealed to be working for E.C.B as their new leader and as quickly as we did, I saved the day this time by finally hacking his account; stripping his rights and using him as a puppet.

Darien is now with me, as my assistant and Ariel is still a bureaucrat/admin (idk why). I know that a part 5 is coming, I just don't know when.

Part 5.0 (You Match Your Identity)

Villain: FANDOM; Bunsen9
So, after defeating Darien, I was informed by a user (i won't say who) that Andi Cruz1 is begging to be unblocked. I then got reminded of Liv, as I let her go and didn't help her. After researching on GitHub, I found out that the only way to restore her and Andi Cruz1 was to get as many poweruser rights as possible. I did manage to get two, and a fight came across between Ariel and I, of lies and treachery.

Meanwhile, on the Game Shakers Wiki, Ryan was seen again, and wanted to exchange poweruser rights of Starco and Olivia's with owning the GS Wiki. As risky as it was, I did it. I hope they don't hate me though!

Part 5.5 (A Point of You)

Villain: CR.992 (ROU Leader)
This was it. The time to finally rescue Liv and Andi Cruz1 from Wikia Support...well...that didn't go well...once I entered with Jax, my powers seemed deflected and it was as if I didn't have them anymore...I then asked Jax if something happened, but nothing did happen.

I then try to use the activation code again, only to find out that all my powers along with ECB's and Jax's were gone.

I was surprised, because I did the code right, only to find out that some insane user stole them. It was CR.992 (actual name unknown). I was not scared, but wanted to know who that was. She is a hacker. Jax and I start to get worried, until Ryan starts to confront CR.992.

This person knows everything.

Part 6 (Your New Beginning...but not really)

Part 7 (You Think We're Friends...)

Thanks, Sarah de la Cruz
</br>Superuser 09:02, July 5, 2017 (UTC)

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