Hey there ladies and gents. It's your former admin current moderator Avatar Raava here, but you can call me Raava. If you haven't been living under a rock you might've already known that School of Rock has been renewed for a third season. Furthermore filming has already started as of March 1st. This blog will be keeping track on news revealed by cast members and clues we pick up from their social media posts and such.

Confirmed news

  • There will be 20 episodes.
  • JoJo Siwa will make a guest appearance in a future episode.

Revealed By Cast Members

  • There will be a new title sequence
  • Tony Cavalero will direct the 14th episode of Season 3.
  • There will be a space episode.
  • There will be an episode about friendship.
  • There will be an episode titled "Do You Want to Know a Secret"; Jama Williamson who plays Principal Mullins posted a selfie on her instagram with the script and you could see half the episode title.
  • There will be a Fremmer episode.