People think this is a bad show... I really don't know why. It actually helps slightly younger kids understand such a great classic (especially kids kids under 10 -a lot of 9year olds LOVE this show... Don't believe me? Then ask my sister's whole grade! ). 'because... Well... The movie is not exactly "age appropriate" for them -and a lot of other kids. Besides, I really don't see what's so bad about this show. And the reason why they play pop music more is because kids enjoy it more than rock' n' roll -Remember This show is for 9~14 tweens! And in my opinion they did a good job changing some of the characters although I do miss strict and smart Summer Hathaway, when they changed her (Miranda Cosgrove) from strict to fashionable and ALWAYS dreaming about Freddy (Jade Pettyjon). But still, they did need a little romance in this show not just rock, rock, rock!

In conclusion, stop posting annoying, negative comments, I mean why do you need to say something? Just stop whatching it then!!! I mean most of the people behind these comments are 17~20 year olds who still whatch 9~14 year old shows. Besides, people who hate these shows, have a choice to just stop whatching it, but the people who truley love it, will never get to see more episodes again -Nickelodeon reads these comments! They'll  probably cancel the show if they get so many bad comments. And that'll be really sad. 

So SHUT UP School of Rock Haters.

If you dont like it, then just dont whatch it! >:-(