Monday July 3, 2017

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that it hasn't been the easiest of times on this wikia recently. I am going to explain why.

It all started when two users, Bunsen9 and OliviaHolt hatched a plan to take over the wikia and then eventually destroy the Community Central. They targeted me as the new Co-Head. They said they would teach me badly and then make me fail the test. Luckily for me, when it came to the forum vote, I had quite a few people supporting me. Bunsen9 declined. I didn't know anything about the plan at first. Then when things became more revealing it was all left revealed. Bunsen9 managed to blackmail Andi Cruz (Sarah) and take her away from the wikia. Through her efforts she managed to get back.

Anyway, this morning we managed to trick them by swiping all of Bunsen9's rights away. He would never be able to make an account again. However, OliviaHolt managed to get him back through hacking. Today, along with someone else (Starco22) they hatched a plan to take Sarah and I down. With the help of Andi Cruz1, we have kept low profile, but Starco22 tried to trick me, but I did my research and found out he was part of their plan.

I made a report to FANDOM a bit after all this started. However, apparently there wasn't 'enough evidence', even though I provided two useful links. I have provided another link, but I don't think they're on our side. I have tried my other friends on another wiki, but they think this is just a small affair. Sure, it is. This is why we really need your help.

We need to destroy these twits. This is a call to all of you! Please help Andi Cruz, Andi Cruz1 and I to defeat these messed up retards. They're cyberbullying us and we can't get rid of them, even though we have tried to just avoid them.

If you have any queries or evidence or anything please contact 'Advisor' Andi Cruz1, or 'Co-Heads Andi Cruz (Sarah) or I (Diego and Maddie rock!). Each and everyone of you count. Please.

From your Co-Head,

Diego and Maddie rock!

Saturday July 15, 2017

Hello everybody,

This is my update on what's been happening recently on this amazing wiki.

Everything had kept down quite low, with user, QueenAriel, pretending to be a 'Wikia Supervisor', a CSS error (with a white blanked wikia for two days) and OliviaHolt getting blocked. Unfourtanley, Olivia decided to appeal and become a nice person, but the FANDOM staff declined. QueenAriel was in on their plan, but now is on our side.

Today another whole lot of drama happened. A new user 'VampireMaster123', who is now the head of E.C.B Wiki (a wiki to destroy Andi Cruz (Sarah) and I). He pretended to be a 'Wikia Supervisor'. I knew something was fishy about him. He tried to convince us, and he fooled Sarah, but not me. He later came out with the truth. Unfourtanley, he had taken Sarah and I's rights. Sarah managed to hack him and his rights are now gone and Sarah and I have regained our rights.

As much as I am happy that we defeated them for now, I know they won't give up - we're far from the end. Queen Ariel is on our side. Bunsen9 is no longer allowed on this wikia, OliviaHolt is banned from FANDOM sites, along with my close friend, Andi Cruz1 (for apparent threatening; he shouldn't have been blocked for three months), and Starco922 has been banned from a few sites due to hacking. We need your help. FANDOM staff still don't have enough evidence - but Sarah and I are tired of all of this.

Please help us, but also remember 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' - Anonymous.

Regards from your Co-Head and Admin,

Diego and Maddie rock!

Thursday July 27, 2017

Hello everybody,

This is my third update on what's been happening recently.

First, Sarah needed as many powers as she could to rescue Andi Cruz1 and OliviaHolt. She tried to but a user (Obilskir (also referred to as CR.992) took all her powers. CR.992 is a known user to E.C.B. (she is from a group called DI) and want to take her down.

E.C.B, Sarah and I decided to collaborate and take her down. We did but we knew she would return soon. After a while, E.C.B. decided to become good and put Sarah and I in charge. However, knowing them they took back their roles when they said they didn't want to rescue Andi and Liv. We broke off then.

To be continued...

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